Content As A Service

Coming soon in Q4 2022

AI/ML-generated unlimited variants of marketing content. Just 1-click!.

AI/ML Generated

Just enter your keywords and intent, and get unlimited varients of rich marketing content.

Content Formats

Convert text into rich photos and videos along with audio transcripts for higher content engagement.


Just 1-click to send your marketing content to Emails, SMS, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Multi-channel Marketing

Making the content and marketing - one click.

FireLinks offers most advanced content generation and marketing service. Even a layman can use our services without any hassle.

  • Generate numerous version of your product story
  • Convert plain text stories into beautiful images and video
  • Either post them instantly or schedule them later
  • Just 1-click to select any platform and start posting
  • Get the analytics and insights in same place
  • Measure user engagement, impressions and clicks

Rich Marketing Content

How to Create and Use them?

FireLinks offers an integrated services to create end-to-end aspects of content creation.


Rich Text Generation

Generate new marketing stories and pick the best, based on your keywords.

Generate Photos

Convert rich marketing text into Banner or Promo like photos or upload yours.

Generate Videos

Use photos and generate videos based on the given time/length.

Add Music and Voiceovers

Set AI-generated voiceover and free background music, including 10+ languages, tones, etc.

Post It

Finally, select the marketing content and post it. Later, track and measures its engagement.

Explore the rich marketing content and unlock the new opportunities.