Artificial Intelligence

AI and ML

FireLinks's AI is the product of automating the analysis of short links, redirections, analytics and even security vulnerabilities in real-time. Traditionally, it is a time-consuming and people-intensive task, and cannot scale. Having data and insights at your fingertips can help your business operate smarter, and with greater confidence.

FireLinks offers an instant visibility by combining human judgment with our analytics services powered by AI. We develop seamless experiences and smart algorithms for fast, data-driven decisions, and transform data into business intelligence for actionable insights, and better align your enterprise goals.

Auto-corrections of broken short URLs

Quite often users copy, paste or share short links with typos or incorrect ones. FireLinks detects these anomalies and auto-corrects then before redirecting.

Auto-recommendation of optimal URL sets

Sometimes users encounter short links which are ambiguous or slightly changed. FireLinks dynamically generates optical set of relevant short links and recommends them.

Auto-protection from malicious links

FireLinks automatically detects malicious sites (adwares, porn, malwares) being used through short links, from bad IP addresses or domain names, and blocks them instantly.

Automatic segregation of metrics and analytics

FireLinks segregates analytics data from real-time streaming sources and groups them by location, device and social networks in chronological order.

Natural language queries for analytics

FireLinks uses NLP to convert plain input statement to transactional query to search and retrieve relevant analytics, without filters.

Extraction of URLs from text fragments

FireLinks add-ons in GSuite (Google documents) and MS Office documents, can extract valid links from document's text fragment, generate shortlinks and repalce them precisely.

10+ new AI features in 2022

Many more sophisticated AI-based features are being released for automatic marketing based on automatic baselining of metrics and sentiment analysis of URL's meta from internet channel.