Dashboard and Analytics


We capture extensive analytical information like URL clicks based on date/time, geo-locations, social network, and more, in real-time. All of the analytics information are displayed in intuitive tabs and graphs..

Just append the plus symbol "+" to the URL for the report. Example: https://amz.run/3B83+, as shown below:

Home page where users can create short links with custom options.
Simple dashboard with summary of stats.
Summary of clicks, based on location and social networks
Chronological order of clicks based on dates.
Geo-location classified clicks and ratio information.
Clicks from social networks, emails, direct and other mediums.
Contains clicks based on device types, OS, browsers and more.

Advanced Usecases

Want more features?

We are soon releasing many exciting features which will enhance the management of short links and analytics.

Currently, we have some cool features like, Password protection, and Date range for validity of short links.

Rules and Alerts

You can define rules to measure clicks and get notifications.


Define custom campaigns, and have seggregated metrics and measure context-specific reports.

AI and Autonomous Systems

AI can do auto-correction of short links, validate redirections, and automate some URL workflow.

Get ready to explore and try our products for shortlinks.

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