GSuite Cloud Add-ons

Below is the look and feel of add-on being tested in Google Docs, and also works with Google Sheets and Slides. It will let you shorten links and get analytics directly within the documents, without use of any extensions, and also work with numerous browsers where Google Documents are supported.

Getting released soon in Oct 2020.

Why use cloud add-ons?

Cross-platform support. These add-ons run on the web, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Centralized deployment and distribution. Admins can deploy add-ons centrally across an organization.

Easy access via AppSource. You can make your solution available to a broad audience by submitting it to AppSource.

Based on standard web technology. You can use any library you like to update add-ons.

Extensibility and customization of features and enhancements.

Light weight self-installable features, and frictionless updates.