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FireLinks's FAQ page is a central hub where its customers can always go to with their most common questions. These are the 160 most popular questions FireLinks receives.

  • Q.How to set up your custom domain in FireLinks?

    Buy the domain, share the CNAME and DNS details to FireLinks team, and they will setup the rest.

  • Q.Can I Change My Username?

    At this time it is not possible to change your username on FireLinks. Your username is only visible to yourself within your FireLinks account.

  • Q.Can I get a refund if I cancel my FireLinks account?

    We will make generous refund based on prorate basis and usage limit

  • Q.What is a Custom Domain?

    A Custom Domain, sometimes called a vanity URL, is a way to create links that include your brand. When a link includes yourbrand, it helps people recognize and associate your links with your product or company. When they see your brand, they trust your links, and that results in higher click-through rates.
    Custom domains + FireLinks

    To use a custom domain in FireLinks, it must be no more than 32 characters long, including the dot.

    Purchasing or adding a Custom Domain in your FireLinks account replaces the FireLink's short links with your own custom domain.

    For example, when ESPN shortens a link through FireLinks, instead of being branded with FireLinks's domain (firelinks.io/wG8qhgpn)t he link displays their own custom domain (es.pn/2Qw1wd7).

    By editing the end of the URL - we call that the back-half - you can further customize the link to be an even more identifiable Custom Branded Link, likees.pn/superbowl.

  • Q.What are FireLinks supported extensions?

    Our services are integrated with most browsers, here is the list of extensions.

  • Q.Can I edit, archive or delete short links?

    All of these operations are fully supported.

  • Q.What timezone does FireLinks use?

    FireLinks uses UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) within the platform and it can not be changed.

  • Q.Which browsers does the FireLinks web app support?

    The FireLinks web app supports the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. We recommend using one of these browsers for full functionality of the web app.

    Other browsers are not tested and may not function properly with the FireLinks web app.

  • Q.Customize your links?

    By branding your shortened links with your own custom domain, every FireLinks short link you create has your name on it. Best of all, FireLinks lets you use a domain for free if you haven't added one yet.

  • Q.Can I build an application that uses FireLinks?

    With the right technical resources and tenacity, you can build anything!

    To learn about building an integration with FireLinks, developers will find all the information they need on our Dev site at http://dev.FireLinks.com.

  • Q.What about security?

    All our services and short links are protected by industry grade standards. We do not support short links for malwares, adware, spam, porn and other bad websites.

  • Q.Are my shortlinks are safe and private?

    Yes, absolutely. We do not share or reuse them by any means.

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