Integratoins, APIs and Workflows

Improve work efficiency

Using FireLinks, you can enhance your existing workflow with our APIs and integration solutions. Globally, millions of customers using our Browser Extensions, APIs, Gsuite add-ons, by integrating with their websites, mobile apps and services to automate the process or short link creation and tracking for their marketing efforts through their campaigns.

Shorten more links with less hassle

You can use our browser extensions and APIs to quickly create short links and manage analytics at global scale. You can easily create short links for website for dynamic links, print on envelops, mails and physical documents, and more with FireLinks.

Stay safe and secure

FireLink's products uses industry-grade security protocols to regulate, monitor and protect services. Our APIs are controlled against Rate-limits, DDoS attacks, Spam and Malware attempts.

Deliver SMS short links at scale

Our scalable services can be used to automate the process of generating short links and broadcast through SMSs, to achieve almost 90% open rate to foster the marketing efforts and generate business leads.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our proprietary AI system can be used improve the URL management experience, by auto-correct invalid short links, recommend relevant short links, and generate context-aware links. It can even automate the process of marketing by automatically scheduling the process of creating and broadcasting short links.