Multi-channel Marketing

Coming soon in Q4 2022

"1-Click Marketing"® The end-to-end cross-platform marketing tools and services.

Organize everything in one location

Stop jumping between social networks constantly. Watch your likes and followers increase as you get a bird's eye perspective of your social media accounts directly on your dashboard.

Cross-post effortlessly in all networks

Post either custom content or AI-generated rich-content (text, photos, videos) across social networks from a single page and track the user engagement all in one place.

Schedule your posts and campaigns ahead

To free up your time to work on other projects while keeping your followers interested, schedule your social media posts for the coming week, month, or even year (if you're feeling ambitious).

One place to manage your posts, campaigns, content, analytics and insights.

Single Dashboard

One place to manage marketing campaigns and see history of insights

Multiple Channels

Supports Emails, SMS, Twitter, Facebook for instant posts, soon Instagram as well.

Bulk Posts

Offers bulk services for Emails and SMSs through CSV uploads.

Better Insights

Easily measure the traction using Impressions, Conversions, Engagement, etc.

Pay As You Go

Buy Email and SMS credits when needed, and don't have to sign-up for subscriptions

GTP-3 based Marketing Data

Create unlimited variations of marketing content in real-tine and use it on the fly.

Marketing Insights

How to use Analytics data?

Using our integrated analytics, you can get quick snapshot of insights from all your campaigns.

Totals Hits

See how many users are clicking on your links of products and services.

Engagement Factor

See how many users are liking, sharing and commenting on your links.

Impressions and CTR

See how many times the users are discovering your links and clicking on them.

Email and SMS

Track the open rate and increase the engagement.

Isn't it hard to setup multiple teams and extra funding to reaching marketing goals? FireLinks is here for you.

Hit your marketing goals and social media objectives while concentrating on other business activities and operations. On all of your social networks, FireLinks enables you to plan posts, auto-publish, monitor outcomes, and do much moreā€”even while you sleep. Magically.

Get ready to explore and increase the customer engagement and business.