Our Services

We are serving through below products

Browser Extensions

Users can quickly create links and use in just a click. Currently on Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

URL Websites

Both guest and registered users can create short links and access analytics in dashboards.

G-Suite Cloud Add-Ons

Integrated with Google Docs, Sheets and Slides to shorten links and get analytics in same page.

Enterprise Deployment

We offer Branded URLs on a custom-domain for businesses with full control on cloud.

Mobile Apps (soon)

To create and manage short links right in the mobile apps and get instant notifications as well.

Additional Integrations

We will be integrating with various tools and collaborative services like Outlook, Slack, Bots and More.

Additional Services

Got custom requirements?

We have ready-use custom solutions with flexible integrations where you want to make the best use of short URLs and analytics.

Custom Browser Extensions

We can build a dedicated browser extension with your custom options.

Custom Website URL Management

We can add additional features on top of default web portal to manage

Custom features over Cloud-product

We can add additional services within cloud-based short URL and analytics module.

Custom GSuite Add-on

We can add and customize additional features directly in Gsuite add-ons for your cloud documents.

Get ready to explore and try our products for shortlinks.

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