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FireLink is the next generation link management platform with advanced capabilities using AI and ML. It's APIs and services will speedup your engineering efforts by automation of short links creation, customization, and get deep insights through real-time analytics.

We not only offer just creating short links and redirections, but provide advanced features like Password protection, setting date rage for validity, making analytics public/private, and many AI-based features which will significantly boost the power of short links and its management.


  • Information about our product, services and in general about short links and analytics. Learn more from our pages like Product, Services, FAQ, Glossary, and other relevant pages.
  • An account with FireLinks, just a single sign-in using Google, Facebook or other standard methods. Based on your FREE or other subscription plan, it has own limits and accordingly you can create and manage links.

Let's create some links

  • Get your access token.
  • Send the GET request for /urlShortener with token and required query parameters, and get JSON response in return.
    Here's an example: Authorization: Bearer {token}.
  • Check our API reference for details.

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